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plus one time set-up fee

Pick between 3 website options
Includes ongoing live website plus hosting and upgrading options available. No Posts or Pop Bys

*One time setup fee & IDX requirements vary based on your features, desires, dreams & goals.

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plus one time set-up fee

Pick between 3 website options
AND Get Access to Daily Social Media Content
AND Monthly Pop Bys

*One time setup fee & IDX requirements vary based on your features, desires, dreams & goals.

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One-Time Set Up Fee: $100
Does NOT have IDX – MLS & Lead Capture Tool

One-Time Set Up Fee: $150
DOES have IDX – MLS & Lead Capture Tool

One-Time Set Up Fee: $350
DOES have IDX – MLS & Lead Capture Tool

One-Time Set Up Fee: $100
Does NOT have IDX – MLS & Lead Capture Tool

One-Time Set Up Fee: $150
DOES have IDX – MLS & Lead Capture Tool

One-Time Set Up Fee: $350
DOES have IDX – MLS & Lead Capture Tool


IDX Sign Up

MLS & Lead Capture Tool

*required for all websites except Lighly Connected

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Choose between 2 IDX options | All IDX Includes


Basic & Advanced Search

Visitors can search the essentials using the simple and effective basic search, or leverage the customizable advanced search.

'Just Listed' & 'Just Sold'

Have your site automatically updated to your latest and greatest! Have new listings and pending/sold listings live for viewers to see.

My Listings Manager

Leads can access an enhanced dashboard to save and review searches and listings. Gain insight into their needs by viewing their activity.

Explore more in FAQ

Platinum gives visitors the “portal-style” search experience of home search. Platinum also includes upgraded features such as Market Reports, Sold Data (MLS dependent), Map Search, Polygon Search, and Social Logins. Upgrade avaible anytime.

The Best Start!

Lite offers the essential features and functionality for home search. Platinum includes more advanced features. Lead form substituted for contact forms.

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Common Questions

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What if I want to Upgrade?
You can upgrade any time - and we are constantly growing, adding new feautres to benefit you! Many of our features come included in your membership - just because we love you so much!!

Want to update from just Social Pop to Connect Social Pop to Include a website with your content? Perfect! Just Pick your favorite website out of these 3 Lightly Connected | Connected | Super Connected to get started. Remember to sign up for IDX HERE if you would like to display listings on your personal website.

Want to upgrade your website from Lightly Connected or Connected? Please click on Connected or Super Connected to get started. You will be  automatically prorated, depending on where you are in your monthly subscription.

Want to upgrade from Connect to Connect Social Pop to receive your BEST Monthly rate? Of course you do!! Who doesn't love to save?! Receive all daily social media content, monthly Pop Bys AND a website - upgrade now by picking your website here: Lightly Connected | Connected | Super Connected. If you would like to keep the same website you signed up with - please select your original website choice.

What if I want to Downgrade?

Really? You sure?! Okay -- well... only if you are really, really sure! You can downgrade anytime by selecting the new plan you want and filling out the sign up form. Please allow our staff processing time to add or remove new products. Websites can take up to a month to remove depending on where you are at in your subscription cycle, and our ticket load.

*You may downgrade or cancel your account on your own anytime. If you have requested assistance in downgrading or cancellation, we cannot gaurentee to stop billing before your next cycle, if less than 10 business days.

Want to downgrade your website from Super Connected or Connected? Please click on Connected or Lightly Connected to get started on your new plan. This will notify us to take care of the rest. Please allow our team time to make changes. You may Sign Up, Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel Your IDX HERE.

Want to downgrade from Connect Social Pop to Just Social Pop? Please sign up for JUST Social Pop HERE. To cancel your Connect Social Pop Membership please login and go to Account or Billing > Sunsbcrptions > Connect Social Pop > Cancel. Please allow us time to take down your website. You may disconnect your domain anytime.

Where in the world do you service?

Great question! We are all across the United States of America and work in USD. We can service any and everywhere IDX is - you may see the updated list of places HERE.

Time To Build Website

Your Time? It's basically no time - we make it SO easy! We just need to know a few amazing things about YOU! Select which website style and features you want, fill-out a quick and easy form - it'll ask you to upload your logo, headshot and main information for your website. *Sign up for IDX required at time of sign up for the Connected and Super Connect Websites (we'll be notified, as soon as you sign up). Then voila ~ you get to crack open a cold one. No really - you did it! You're amazing!! That's it and it's your time to celebrate! You completed your website in-literally-almost no time! We'll take it from here!!

Once we have your sumbitted order, data and you've met sign up requirements - we will have your LIVE website design to you within 7 business days.

Your MLS listings will go live on your website as soon as you are approved by your MLS. Although we manage your approval process for you - they set their own individual timeline and prices. IDX also sets their own prices. We are just the friendly fasilicator.

MLS Timing & Approvals

You may add any and all MLS's you are a part of. Being a member of their MLS is required. EACH and EVERY agent must be approved by each MLS to allow listings to be on your website. You represent them too! Each MLS & IDX Subscription uniquely controls their approval time, additional requirements and pricing.  (can be approved as soon as the same day - all the way to a one month turn around depending on your area). Great news - we manage it all for you!

Update Payment

You may update your memberships payment method at any time! Go to Account or Billing > Payments to update your information! It's that easy!!

Cancellation Policy
Terms & Conditions:

Month-to-Month Membership. Can cancel anytime! Billing is based off of time of sign up and individual bank. No guarantees, returns, prorates unavailable at this time.

Cancellation or failure to make payment will result in your website being taken down. Monthly membership required to keep website active. We do not move websites, designs and templates are owned by Connect Social Pop.

How To Cancel:

Go To Your Account > Subscriptions > Cancel the subscription you no longer desire. We make it all easy!