Why A Pop By?

What Exactly is a Pop By?

A POP BY is an awesome way to remind your clients how phenomenal you are!

Each month you drop by your clients (or potential clients) home or work, to drop off a little gift.

What does that do, you ask? Great question!

This shows your peeps that you actually care. It always gives you an excuse to check in if they are in the market to buy, sell, invest or refer and just plain reminds them that you are still an amazing realtor! Plus, if you drop it off at their work (if that’s acceptable, of course), ALL of their co-workers see the effort you put forward with your clients. We are telling you, a little goes a long way!

Each month, we conjure up the tag with a clever saying. Then we share links to products on Amazon.com to pair with it! We always provide a “cost conscious item” and an “upper end” item for your super special clients! This works for any budget! Order as many or as little as you want. You can print the tags from home, on photopaper through Amazon or a file to send to print shop.

Seriously, your marketing is this easy!


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